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Al-Madinah International University جامعة المدينة العالمية

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Arabic Short Courses


Dear Valued Learner,
Welcome and congratulate you on your initiative to learn the language of the Holy Quran.

We would like you to know that the International University of Medina has prepared a remarkable programme for teaching the Arabic Language for non- Arabic Speakers. This programme consists of an integrated, comprehensive and well-developed curriculum which starts with the basics of the language for those who have no Arabic language background and gradually develops to advanced levels.

Therefore, the curriculum will prepare you to:
1. Have a command in the skills of the Arabic language to a near native Arabic speaker level.
2. Communicate fluently in the spoken and written Arabic.
3. Be able to use Arabic for studying as well as research purposes.
4. Understand many verses of the Holy Quran, Prophetic traditions, and Arabic poetry.
5. Understand the main categories in the Islamic Jurisprudence.
6. Obtain knowledge on the Biography of the Prophet peace be on him and the history of his companions and his successors.

As a matter of fact, this will also eventually enable you to:
1. Pursue your studies where Arabic is a medium of instruction.
2. Pursue a career in the field of tourism.
3. Pursue a career in the field of translation.
4. Get a job in commercial enterprises in the Arabic speaking countries.
5. Work in the field of information and commercial advertising.
6. Have start-up business opportunities in Arabic speaking countries.

The programme consists of core language materials as well as supporting materials. The core language materials aim at developing your command of the language while the supporting materials aim at deepening your knowledge of the Arabic language and training you to implement what you have learned. Also, these language materials also aim at elevating your cultural awareness as well as religious consciousness.

The method of introducing the educational material in this programme is constructed according to the following principles:
1. Interaction between the teacher and the learner.
2. Encouraging the cooperation between learners.
3. Encouraging active learning.
4. Providing immediate feedback.
5. Allowing ample time for learning.
6. Using a variety of teaching methods.

Following these principles will ensure active learning which could take place be it by traditional, presumptive/perceptive or self-education methods.

Learning is an interaction between the learner, the teacher and the subject taught. In the Al-Madinah International University we try to achieve successful active learning using the best modern technology and the most suitable methods of e-learning.

We strive also to make the learning process accessible at all times. In this way, you can learn either by directly meeting with your teacher or by using the interactive learning programmes through the world -wide -web. You can also practise self-education by using compact disks (CD’s) or the traditional books provided. All this is for the sake of providing you with knowledge continuously, anytime, anywhere.

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