Al-Madinah International University جامعة المدينة العالمية » Application Phases
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Al-Madinah International University جامعة المدينة العالمية

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Application Phases

We are pleased to welcome you in this page which is designed for the applicants who wish to join the university in its various courses. Before you login this page, we would like you to see the guidelines and information that you are required to comprehend, in addition to the procedures in which your application will go through. This will facilitate your online admission and enrollment in the university. This pages aims to provide the applicant to complete the registration requirements from the early application until completing enrollment and the registration of academic subjects. The application stages that the applicant should go through are:

  1. Download of documents and filling the application form
    The applicant should fill up the online application form; a new page will appear then to check his information. After checking the information a new page will appear so that the applicant can upload his documents directly to the application system in which he will have a special file.


  2. Receive the application form and the verification of the applicants email
    Once the applicant fill the application form and post it in the university website, his status on the CMS will be (AS) which means (application submitted). The system will automatically respond the applicant for the verification of the applicants email. The applicant should refer to his email to activate his application. By doing so, the applicant’s status will be changed into (AV) which means (application verified). If the applicant didn’t activate his application, he/she will receive a warning letter to do the activation. If he/she didn’t activate the application that means that the email is not his own email, so he/she is required to check the email address that he/she submitted.


  3. Uploading documents
    After the applicant’s status changed to (AV) in the CMS, he/she is required to send the documents. Applicants must be aware that their application will not consider unless they send the documents through CMS.


  4. Verification of documents
    The department concerned should verify the documents and make sure that they are complete. These documents including (a copy of the certificate, a copy of the official transcript, a copy of the national identification card, a photograph – for male only, and any supporting documents). The applicant’s status will be changed then to (DC).


  5. Fifth- the decision of admission committee
    The admission committee should decide on the applicant’s status which will be one of the following cases:

    1. OL– accepted
    2. CL– accepted with condition (the condition should be in the offer letter)
    3. KIV– under review (the reason will be mentioned in a letter sent to the applicant).


  6. Sixth- agree on offer letter
    After the admission committee decides the applicant’s status, the offer letter will be send to the applicant to be filled by the candidate and to be sent back to the department of admission in the university.


  7. Seventh- registration of subjects
    The student is required to register his/her subjects in the system which will request the student to complete the registration of subjects of the first semester.


We wish that all applicants make use of these guidelines and information to use the online services in a proper way. You can login the page in which you can follow up the application status by clicking here to follow up the status of your application through different stages of application, admission, and registration.