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Al-Madinah International University جامعة المدينة العالمية

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What programmes do you offer?

Currently we are offering programmes in Islamic studies and Arabic language. Programmes Offered.

What are the graduation requirements?

The graduation requirements are as follows:
(1) Have completed and passed all subjects as stipulated in the student’s course curriculum
(2) Have a good academic standing with a CGPA of at least 2.00
(3) Free from any negative report from the University Disciplinary Authorities or Office of the Deputy Rector (Student Affairs Division)

Who are the lecturers?

All MEDIU’s lecturers have a minimum Masters qualification from accredited university in their areas of specialisation.

Are all the programmes offered have been approved by an examining body?

Yes, all MEDIU’s programmes are examined by the Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) and subsequently approved by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia.

Is the university recognised?

MEDIU obtained approval as a university from the Ministry of Higher Education ( MOHE ) Malaysia on 26 December 2006 and subsequently being registered on 20 June 2007 (KPT/JPS/DFT/US/B22). MEDIU operates under Malaysia’s Private Higher Education Act of 1996 (Act 555) which governs its establishment and the administration in order to prepare and provide a conducive learning environment for students of higher learning.

What is the study duration to obtain a degree?

If a student is registered as full-time, it is approximately three years to obtain a degree.

What is the maximum period for students to finish their studies?

The maximum study period allowed is 12 years. By exceeding that period a student will be terminated

How many credit hours are required in one semester?

If you are registered as part-time, you are required to register no less than 3 credit hours and no more than 9 credit hours. However, being a full-time student will require you to carry from 15 to 18 credit hours per semester

How are lessons conducted at MEDIU?

Al-Madinah International University (MEDIU) offers you flexible, interesting and effective learning experience. You will enjoy the variety of learning approaches adopted at MEDIU.

At MEDIU, you will be given ample opportunity to use our user friendly courseware developed and written by experts through our Advanced Learning & Interactive Management System (ALIMs). The comprehensive features of ALIMs will effectively assist you when you need to study individually and/or as a group through:
• e-Forum
• Virtual classroom
• Assignments
• Quizzes
• Courseware moderated by experienced lecturers and tutors

Well-trained tutors under the supervision of experienced lecturers are assigned to:
• Guide you in your study
• Facilitate discussion in your group
• Provide clarifications to the course materials, and
• Monitor your academic progress
At MEDIU, you have the access to quality academic courses managed by a pool of experienced staffs. Your academic and personal development throughout your life as a student is our main concern. The learning centre is provided as a place for you to physically meet your tutors and course mates. You can also get your textbooks on CDs or as printed materials at the learning centre

Where and when will the tutorial be conducted?

All tutorial sessions will be conducted during weekends at designated learning centre

Is attendance compulsory?

Yes, students need to attend at least 90% of the tutorial session.

Who are the tutors?

All tutors appointed are with degree qualification from recognised university in their area of instructions.

Does the university accept credit transfer from other institution, and if yes from which university?

MEDIU only accepts credit transfer from institution recognised by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia

Will the credit transferred counted in my CGPA?

MEDIU practices the ‘a credit gained is credit earned’ policy where you may apply to seek module-for-module exemptions without having to complete a particular previous level of studies.

How is my study evaluation process being conducted?

For all subjects registered, you are required to take a final examination which weighs between 50% to 60% of your total subject assessment. You are required to pass your final examination. Other forms of your subject grade assessment will be quizzes, assignments, online group discussions and mid-semester examination.

How is the grading system?

Click here for Grade system

What is MAPT?

MEDIU Arabic Placement Test (MAPT) is a test designed for the purpose of evaluating your Arabic language proficiency in an effective way which helps us to successfully place you in a level that suits your standard.

Is MAPT compulsory for all courses and all students?

It is compulsory for students who wish to pursue in the fields of Islamic Studies and / or Arabic Language. Exemption being given to students with following criteria:
• Arabic is his/her mother tongue, and / or
• Have successfully completed a program where Arabic was the medium of instruction

When and where the MAPT will be conducted?

The MAPT is conducted online either at our designated learning centres around the world or you may choose to apply for Proctored examination.

What important dates do I need to know?

Please click here to view the course schedule

What is the minimum requirement to enrol in a course?

Please click here to view the entry requirements required for specific course

If I do not meet the requirement to enrol in the bachelors programme, what must I do to get enrolled?

For students who do not meet the requirement for bachelors programme need to study in the foundation programme for one year to get through.

I wish to enroll in Islamic studies without any basic in Arabic language, how can I enhance my Arabic language skill?

You can register for Arabic language short courses where you can learn Arabic language from basic.

Is the short courses designed only for university students or is it open for public?

The programme is open for public and it does not require any requirement to enroll

When can I apply for the coming intake?

Please check the Academic Calendar for intake dates. In order to ensure smooth application and admission process, you are advised to submit at least ONE month prior to semester start date.

How do I apply?

You can fill up our online application form or you can download the printed application form and mail it to:

Al-Madinah International University
11th Floor, Plaza Masalam
2, Jalan Tengku Ampuan Zabedah E/9E
Section 9
40100 Shah Alam, Selangor

What documents do I need to enclosed with my application?

Please click here to view the items required (go to application checklist)

How many semesters are there in one year?

MEIDU operates in three semesters throughout the year, two normal semesters of 14 academic weeks and one short semester of 7 academic weeks.

When can I drop/ add courses?

You may adjust your subject registration during the commencement of the second until the fourth week of a regular semester

How do I add/ drop courses?

You may drop courses by submitting the Application for Drop course form (M-DC). And to add course, you may submit the Application for Add Course form (M-AC) to Admissions & Records Division.

If I intend to withdraw from my current course how can I do it?

To withdraw from a course, you will need to fill up the Application for Course Withdrawal form (M-CW) and submit it to Admissions & Records Division

Can I have a refund if I withdraw from my studies?

If you withdraw before the forth week, you will get your refund based on the time of your withdrawal. Click here for more details on refund policies (go to refund policies)

How long can I defer my studies?

The university allows deferment up to one academic year.

How do I apply to defer?

You may apply by using the application for Deferment of Studies and submit it to Admissions & Records Division.

Will it affect my CGPA?

No, it will not but if you exceed the period allowed you will be terminated.

How much do I need to pay for a course?

Click here for information on course fees.

How do I apply into MEDIU?

The entire application process is basically easy. Go to Application & Registration

Is there any financial aid I can apply for?

Yes, as a non-profit university, MEDIU do provide financial assistance for qualified and needy students.

How do I apply for financial assistance?

You can fill up the financial assistance form and follow its instructions. Clich here to read more.

What is MEDIU Digital library?

Our digital library has a vast and varied collection of books available online. If you are a registered MEDIU student, you will be given access pass code for you to utilize the digital library 24 hours a day.

Is MEDIU’s digital library open to public?

Yes, our digital library is also open to public with annual membership subscription fee.

What is the function of learning centre?

Our learning centre provides an important link between us and you as our student. Our learning center is multifunctional that facilitates educational process and provides other services such as counseling, face-to-face tutorials, group discussions and student services

Where are the locations of these learning centres?

Currently we have learning centres located in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia (in Yogyakarta). We will be having learning centres in other countries in the near future, inshaAllah

What if I want to change my learning centre?

In situation where you need to change your learning centre you will have to fill up the Learning Centre Changing form and submit to your current learning centre. Upon approval, you will receive an approval letter to be shown to the learning centre you applied for.